Deadlines and rates will be determined and agreed upon at the start of our business before I begin working on the transcript. Turnover times apply to every day of the week. I accept weekend work as well at no added charge.

More than a 48-hour turnaround
$0.40 / page

Due in 24 to 48 hours
$0.45 / page

For less than a 24-hour turnaround
$0.70 / page


* If you have other requirements, just let me know and I will try to accommodate.
* Rates apply to pages of 25 lines or less. For pages of greater than 25 lines, an additional charge will apply.

Extra Benefits

  • *First-time clients get 50% discounted rates* on their first job to see if we are compatible for a long-term business relationship (limited to 150 pages).
  • Get a 50% discount on your next job (limited to 150 pages) if a referred court reporter uses my services.
  • Expert and medical transcripts are charged at a $0.10/page higher rate.
  • I reserve the right to charge a higher rate for especially messy or technical legal documents.

* Any additional proofreader needs outside of the realm of what has already been mentioned may be offered on an individual basis. Send me an email or a message through my contact page, and I will get back to you on whether I have the experience or availability.

Billing and Payment


  • I send invoices at the beginning of each month for work completed during the previous month.
  • Payment is expected by the end of that month.  
  • I send electronic invoices through Wave by e-mail. Through that e-mail, you can pay by credit card very easily.
  •  I accept payment through Paypal as well.
  • Wave will automatically send another invoice seven days before the due date as a friendly reminder.
  • I reserve the right to charge a 10% fee for late payments, which will increase for every additional two-week delay
An image of an example invoice (with job rates) from Polished Proofreading

Rush & Large Jobs

For rush and large proofreading jobs, I would appreciate a heads-up that they are coming so that I can schedule my time better. This ensures that the job gets back to you within the requested time and at a high standard. A large job is anything that exceeds 100 pages. Breaking that up into 50-page chunks makes it more manageable, and we can work on different parts of the same transcript at the same time.

Clean Transcripts

I would really appreciate it if the transcripts that you send are as clean as possible. I do not offer scoping services and expect the scoping to have already been done by the time I receive the legal document. That allows me to return a transcript with a higher quality finish. The more errors I have to catch, the more likely one will be missed, and that reflects badly on both of us. I reserve the right to charge extra for extra effort and time due to the transcript being heavy on errors.

Sending Transcripts

I find that the easiest way go about this is if you attach the transcript in your first e-mail with the specific due date as well (specifying in hour increments like 24 hours or 48 hours to avoid time difference confusion). This simplifies the process and means that I can reply with a confirmation and get to work straight away.