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Proofreading for court reporters


Court reporters love their jobs and know how vital they are in the legal process. They pride themselves on their hard work that leads to consistently high-quality results. I pride myself in being a part of this process and integrating into the court reporter, scopist, and proofreader team that allows each member to focus on what they are best at and what they are most inspired by. Court reporters, wouldn’t you prefer to come home satisfied from a good day’s work and have complete peace of mind. No more late nights, trying to finish off the editing because the deadline is in the morning. You can focus on the next day’s objectives and relax while I finish off those transcripts that you have already read through before. As a proofreader, I customize my proofreading style especially for you and make a pledge that the longer we interact, the more I will improve, learn, and hone my skills to your specific proofreading preferences. I look forward to starting our new relationship.

I know that, because your reputation relies on a high-quality finish every time, it can be scary to relinquish control; and so I offer *50% off for first-time clients* to test out my service. I’m confident I can put your mind at ease after the first job.

Profile picture  of Daniel Scott, transcripts proofreader for court reporters

Daniel Scott

I proofread the following
legal transcripts:




Examinations under oath


Interpreted proceedings

Private meetings

Sworn/Unsworn statements


Voir dire

Workers’ compensation claims

… and many more

I use several reputable
reference manuals and resources

Morson’s English Guide for Court Reporters by Lillian I. Morson

Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation by Margie Wakeman Wells

The Gregg Reference Manual

Merriam-Webster Unabridged


Google MT (medical words/drug names)

NCRA guidelines


Image of Certificate of Completion for proofreading transcripts course

I have a certificate of completion from the following course:

Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice is an intensive program that specializes in the mastery of proofreading verbatim transcripts with over 3000 pages of real legal transcripts that must be completed and multiple exams that must be passed with a score of over 90%.


I also have a bachelor’s in mathematics with emphasis in statistics.